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Three Pillars To Wealth



Just like Terri's did when her account made over $200,000 in only 7 months. (see statement below.)

THREE PILLARS TO WEALTH is built upon a method that has stood the test of time. In fact, I first taught the method to investors at my live seminars back in 1997. Since then, this super easy, 30-seconds per day system has blown past anything you might have thought possible from something so easy.

For example, thru December 31st, 2020:

  • Since the inception of SPY in 1993, conservative investors made 3.9 times more money
  • Since the inception of SSO in 2006, more aggressive investors made 8.7 times more money
  • Since the inception of SPXL in 2008, the most aggressive investors made 18.4 times more money

All with less risk than the stock market. 

Investors who are using the knowledge they gained more than 25 years ago are compounding their money at an unbelievable rate. I know, because we have our own broker statements to verify every claim.

But it gets better. Because if you go back even further, the profit differences get even bigger. 

Think it's not possible? Let me prove it to you. Take a look at these returns from the beginning.

And remember, no matter how aggressive you might be, the THREE PILLARS TO WEALTH method has less risk... in some cases, much less risk than the stock market.

As those charts show, THREE PILLARS TO WEALTH beats the market by a massive margin, even if you are a conservative investor. 

And if you're a bit more aggressive, the results can be spectacular.

Only $10 Per Week* to Build Wealth like this!
No Long-term commitment. Full refund of unused subscription at any time!

Here's a fact: according to S&P Dow Jones Indices, the "de facto scorekeeper", 89% of all professional money managers failed to beat the market over a 10-year period.

Here's another fact: one of the benefits of working for me is that my employees get my research for free. And as Terri's brokerage summary, which you can see below, confirms without a doubt that THREE PILLARS TO WEALTH has helped her outperform nearly every professional investor out there. You can even call Terri to talk about her results.  If they seem too good to be true, she'll be happy to tell you they're REAL!


I know, Terri is not a billionaire yet. But she is giving the legendary investor a run for his money. And here's where it gets even more exciting.

Warren Buffett, the third richest man on the planet, made his money by compounding at a 24% clip per year. As Terri's Personal Returns summary shows, she's closing in.

And all it takes is 30 seconds a day. Are you willing to spend 30 seconds a day to build that kind of wealth?


When people see performance statistics that good, they instantly become skeptical. It's just natural. They wonder, "How can something so good be so easy?" or "I wonder what it was they bought that went up so much?"

Well here's a little secret... 

It's not what we bought... 

It's when we sold! 

That's right. By getting out at the right time, we are able to compound our money from a much higher level. 

Honestly, it's not as complicated as it may seem. 

Instead of taking $25,000 and seeing it grow to $100,000, only to then watch if fall to $45,000 and then start the growth process all over again, we take $25,000 and watch it grow to $150,000. Then we get out at the right time so that when it's time to get back in, we're beginning the growth phase at a much higher starting point. 

The reason why Three Pillars works as well as it does is quite simple. Unlike most investors who concentrate their efforts and resources on the purchase decision, we devote the same level of attention on the exit as we do on the entry. The result is smaller drawdowns in bear markets. As these two charts show, it’s not that we’re impervious to losses. It’s that our losses tend to be much smaller than the market’s. So when all Three Pillars move back to bullish and we re-enter the stock market, we are generating market returns from a higher level.


Like I said and as the charts show, it's the exit that makes the difference.  

Only $10 Per Week* to Build Wealth like this!
No Long-term commitment. Full refund of unused subscription at any time!

So if you want to relax when recession talk heats up...

If you want to relax when bear markets are turning up the heat... 

If your nest egg could use a boost, or even preservation when everyone around you is watching their savings dwindle... 

Then you need to give us a call right now to find out more about THREE PILLARS TO WEALTH

You'll be glad you did. 

If you want to take a deeper dive into THREE PILLARS recent performance, here are details from Terri's Fidelity account showing real profits with real money. That's more than double her money in the past three years (wish they allowed us to go back further, but this is as far as Fidelity's system goes).  Once again, you can even call Terri to talk about her results.  If they seem too good to be true, she'll be happy to tell you they're REAL!.

That huge bar in the column chart is our performance. Just look at how it trounces anything else out there. If you'd like to beat the market, call us at 855-777-ODDS (6337) to see if there is still space.

*Only $10 Per Week when paid Annually.

Only $10 Per Week* to Build Wealth like this!
No Long-term commitment. Full refund of unused subscription at any time!


I want to thank you very much for 3 Pillars To Wealth.

I just want to thank you very much for 3 Pillars. Before I make any decisions to purchase a stock or an index, I check the 3 Pillars. It has kept me on the correct side of the market. I appreciate it very much. It's the best I've seen. And thank you again!Try 3 Pillars To Wealth for yourself, and see why Tony says "it's the best I've seen".

Tony G.

Returns that are greater than I've had anytime in the past!

Now we've had it in practice for about six months, and it has essentially turned out to be everything the ad said it would be. Now, this is really for the lazy investor, and we're just so happy with the results.Paid for the course about 3 and a half times, the first trade, and provides returns that are greater than I've had any time in the past.It's an opportunity to take control of your financial destiny, and a very, very profitable one.

Dick O.

Anybody who has money in their retirement fund needs to look at this

What Don has given is practical day-to-day things that somebody that has a job and is out there in the day-to-day world -- and has other things to do in life and that has a life -- can still come out ahead. My impression -- my experience with Don is that he has incredible integrity and that he wants to keep it simple. I think that anybody who has a chunk of money in their retirement fund needs to look at this method.The 3 Pillars To Wealth system has beaten the pros 89% of the time, and it only takes 30 seconds per day.

Joanna M.

Don's service helps mitigate the downside and risk.

If you are a beginning investor, you don’t want to put too much of your capital at risk. And the capital that you do put into the market, you don’t want to have it exposed to the downside in a tremendous way. Don's tools help mitigate that downside and that risk. Plus, they help your entries into the market so that you are making them on a more timely basis, and pushing your returns up over the course of a year.Take control of your retirement account with 3 Pillars To Wealth. You'll be glad you did.

Terry M.

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